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My name is Zaid Abdulrahim from Long Island, NY. I am the DJ/founder of Soulful Horizons Music which started in 2014 throwing its first parties in Harlem USA. My style of music is soulful and Afro House music that touches the spirit. As Louie Vega once told me his first advice to any DJ is to "Play from the heart". From the humble beginnings of throwing my own events in order to get exposure we are excited to establish Soulful Horizons Music an internationally recognized record label. 

My family has been in music production for many generations. Starting with Thom Bell who produced for the Stylistics, Delfonics, Elton John, Dionne Warwick and James Ingram to name a few followed by Ron Bell who is one of the founding members of Kool and the Gang. Also, Jerry Bell from the Dazz Band, Archie Bell of Archie Bell and the Drells and Leroy Burgess, the lead singer and producer from the group Black Ivory. Leroy Burgess has been a major mentor in my learning to play the keyboard as an instrument and my overall music production. 

I always gravitated towards the positive energy of House Music and the love I witnessed in the culture. My skills in the DJ booth have allowed me to network and play with many polar names on the NYC circuit very early in my career. In 2015 I teamed up with the Are You Afro? Movement in the WMC Miami 2015 Conference. This was a major breakthrough for me because I was given an opportunity to open for Anane and Louie Vega at the Nulu Party along with playing three dates with Are you Afro? I am very thankful for those chances to shine and I am using the momentum to take advantage of a bright future.  Already securing residencies in New York and branching across the East Coast and into the Midwest, along with worldwide distribution of my music I have been blessed to rock dance floors globally.

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Soulful Horizons Music is pleased to announce Zaid Abdulrahim "Maximum Curves" November 1st the single as a prelude to his upcoming EP titled "Pieces of Time due in December. This is the FOllow up to the EPs "Electric Atmosphere" and "Basement Funk Vol. 1"
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Zaid Abdulrahim is a 3rd generation music producer coming after Thom Bell who has produced for the Spinners and Dionne Warwick along with Leroy Burgess the writer of "Like a Fat  Rat" and "Mainline".  Maintaining the tradition of being true to the spirit of dance music and moving the dance floors on a global scale.

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November 2018 Release

November 2018 Release


- Performed at WMC Miami and Atlanta Weekender House Festival
- Resident Advisor Top 1000 DJs
- Bestsellers Top 200 of 2016 Afro House Traxsource
- Has successfully remixed on various labels while releasing music by artists from across the world on his own label.
- Music included in the W Hotel in Doha promo package
- Soul Samba Charted Top 10 Afro House Traxsource
- Held Residency NYC FM Radio Station WHCR 90.3FM

Press Clips

" Zaid Abdulrahim is a wide-ranging producer who takes in sounds from the house, soul, afro and techno spectrum amongst many other things. His next trick is to put out a six track EP that really shows off all of his skills. Entitled Electric Atmosphere it is on the Soulful Horizons label and really makes a big impact."

 "I really like your sound Zaid! It's fun and peppy but mysterious at the same time."
     -Chelsea Perry - Editor-in-Chief of NoisePorn

  "The soulful/african drums are amazing. I like how they are the main focus to the melody and how it slowly builds up. Very funky and different"
     -Brittany Bowen - Freelance Publisher Fluence  (Review of previous released single "Basement Funk") 

  "This song has a great rhythm that will keep anybody swaying along to it. At this point, it appears very mellow and could act as ambient background music, or if the intensity is upped just a notch - could grace a number of dance floors. Either way, I think this song is fun and that you seem to have a solid grasp on the concept of movement in music."
    - Paige Fuentes - Earmilk Dance Contributor, Features, Corporate Copywriter, Freelancer, PlayTooMuch Show Coverage (Review of previous released single "Family Tree"

   "On Thursday 5th March Are You Afro resident DJ Zaid Abdulrahim will be bringing the Are You Afro vibes here to BANG. Starting out as a dancer in Long Island NY, at a young age he began making Hip-Hop beats, as his passion for music grew he transported that positive energy into Soulful/Afro House music, taking his knowledge of what makes the dancers dance and bringing it to Are You Afro?’ is an AFRO-MOVEMENT of DJS, dancers, people from around the world and music that cannot be defined by genre or style. Are You Afro? is an evolution, forever changing like the human condition. Are You Afro? is an explosion of musical culture influenced by their collective African roots, their feelings of racial pride, and ethnic consciousness, enhanced by African Americans from the 1960’s up until today. This Afro-Movement should and will be celebrated by all mankind… ask yourself: Are You Afro? At #BANGtheDRUMS we certainly are!  If you get to New York and they’re having a party you would be crazy to miss it – top quality music with style and class."

 -BANGRADIO 103.6FM London 2014